Innovia Medical Announces Acquisition of Lacrimedics

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Innovia Medical (“Innovia”) has partnered with Lacrimedics, Inc. (“Lacrimedics”). Based in Du Pont, Washington, Lacrimedics has been a manufacturer and distributor of occlusion therapy devices for the treatment of Dry Eye Disease and underlying symptoms for almost 40 years. Lacrimedics is a great addition to Innovia’s existing ophthalmic product line with their Dissolvable VisiPlugTM and OPAQUE Herrick Lacrimal Plugs and ComfortTipTM and AccuFlo Punctal Occluders.

Lacrimedics pioneered the development of the Collagen Plugs for the Lacrimal Efficiency Test in the early 1980’s. This revolutionary product provides a simple and cost-effective method to diagnose Dry Eye Disease and determine if a patient will respond favorably to Occlusion Therapy.

“Since their founding in 1984, Lacrimedics has established themselves as a respected manufacturer and global supplier in the ophthalmic space, and has achieved much success through their quality and trusted customer relations,” said Terry Meredith, Chief Executive Officer of Innovia Medical.

“The addition of Lacrimedics products will allow us to provide ophthalmic customers with comprehensive occlusion therapy options. This acquisition helps to strengthen Innovia’s portfolio of solutions designed with both medical professionals and their patients in mind.”

“We are excited for the future and look forward to expanding our ability to positively impact patient care with Innovia Medical,” said Robert S. Herrick, II, President of Lacrimedics, Inc.


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