New SNAP Endoscope Guide

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New SNAP Endoscope Guide

Now Available via our Sister Company DTR Medical


The SNAP device facilitates the safe passage of a Nasendoscopy through a Surgical Mask into the nasal cavity.

Aerosolised droplets produced through coughing or sneezing during the procedure will be caught in the surgical mask.

Once withdrawn of the Endoscope, the one-way valve within the SNAP closes to maintain reduction in potential aerosol spread.

It is a single use device which is disposed of once the surgical mask is doffed by the patient.




  • Protects from airborne risks and diseases
  • A one-way valve that can be retrofitted to any fluid resistant Surgical Mask
  • Designed with the aim to keep Clinicians safe and so better able to deliver high quality care to their patients
  • Facilitates the movement of a Nasendoscope up to 4mm in diameter
  • Ensures safe passage of a Nasendoscopy through a Surgical Mask, creating an aperture for the Endoscope to pass through into the Nasal Cavity
  • Reduces the risks associated with the patient sneezing
  • Scientifically proven to reduce the prevalence of AGP (Aerosol Generating Particles) during examination
  • Provides better safety and care for both the Patient & Clinician
  • UK Manufactured
  • Exclusively distributed by DTR Medical



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